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“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

- Muhammad Ali

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BNA Member Sub-committees

Members are expected to support two subcommittee.  Members please reach out directly to the Chair/co-chair with any questions.

Nominating Committee

Meetings Occur: TBD                                        

Chair:  Danita Smith 

Co-Chair:  VACANT*****

  • Notify the membership committee of all elective positions to be filled.

  • Screen candidates and prepare a slate of officers and elected committee persons as specified in ARTICLE VII, Section 1.B. and 1.C.

Finance Committee    

Meets Every 2nd Tuesday at 6pm                                                  

Chair: Dawn Patrick 

Co-chair: Dr. Robyn Drake 

  • Consider and recommend means for securing adequate income.

  • Recommend an annual budget to the Executive Board.

  • Advise the Executive Board and the chapter concerning investments and other financial business.

  • Have all financial records examined at the end of the fiscal year by an accountant.


Membership Committee

Meetings: Every 1st Tuesday at 7pm                                         

Chair: Mia Glover  

Co-chair: Afshanti Hunter 

  • Receive, review, and approve all applications for new members.

  • Devise ways and means for increasing the membership of the chapter.

Bylaws Committee

Meetings: 3rd Monday of Even Months at 6pm                                                    

Chair: TBD

Co-chair: Cynthia Parham ***

  • Periodically review the Bylaws and notify the members of the proposed amendments at least thirty (30) days before the meeting.

  • Prepare the amendments for presentation to the membership.

  • Review chapter by-laws every five (5) years and make recommendations for changes as necessary.

Program Committee

Meetings: Every 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm                                      

Chair: Crystal Bailey 

Co-chair: Brittney Jarvis 

  • Make recommendations to the Executive Board for activities affecting Black local nurses and health care of the Black community.

  • Work closely with members/groups and educational institutions to increase and retain the number of Blacks and other minorities completing nursing programs.

  • Assist Black and other minority students in the development of strategies to achieve successful completion of nursing programs


Health Policy Committee

Meetings: Every 3rd Thursday at 5:30pm

Chair: Dr. Teri Murray 

Co-chair: Vacant 

  • Initiate, and support desirable health and nursing legislation in the interest of the Black community.

  • Work collaboratively with health care providers and/or organizations in disseminating information regarding national and/or regional legislative issues.

Scholarship & Awards Committee

Meetings Occur: Every 1st Thursday                                 

Chair: Dr. Wilma Calvert 

Co-chair: Kristen Glover

  • Establish and disseminate criteria for submitting candidates recommended for NBNA and the chapter scholarship award and recognition.

  • Screen and prepare all necessary information regarding recommended candidates for NBNA and chapter approval.

  • Announce selected scholarship and award recipients at the annual meeting.

Publicity & Public Relations Committee

Meetings: Every other 3rd Tuesday at 6pm               

Chair: Constance Payne 

Co-chair: Avis Eden 

  • Secure publicity for the chapter and all committee activities through all mass communications systems.

  • Be responsible for a Speakers Bureau.

  • Rules for advertising 

  • Management of publicity outlets: social media, organization website

Special Student Mentorship Committee

Meetings: Tentatively Every 4th Wednesday at 7pm            

Chair: Krista Simmons  

Co-chair: Afshanti Hunter 

  • Mentor chapter nursing students

  • Fundraiser for nursing student activities: scholarship sponsorships

  • NCLEX preparedness and school support

  • Community relationship building and partnerships

Special Professional Development Committee

Meetings:1st or 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm    

Chair: Dr. Anniece Spencer   

Co-chair: Catherine Jamerson *** 

  • Resume, bio, and professional profile building

  • Professional photos portfolio

  • Scholarship application preparedness

  • Internship and externship partnership development

  • Preparation for publishing articles and presentations

  • Career Development

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